Monday, February 22, 2010

P90X Frequently Asked Questions!

P90X Frequently Asked Questions

I have been shocked by the HUGE number of responses to my P90X youtube videos and to be honest, a little overwhelmed trying to get back to every e-mail I get with questions about the program and my journey, so I've decided to post my FREQUENTLY ASKED P90X QUESTIONS on a blog so that I can make it easier to help all of you with your journey! *If you do not see your question on here please feel free to email me directly at Thanks!!! =)

Which program did you follow?

I followed the LEAN version of P90X. I chose to stick with this version after first trying the classic version and deciding that I'd like to add a little more cardio into my workouts and less chest and back. (That is the main difference.)

Classic = definition, bulk, and some weight loss

Lean = weight loss, definition and some muscle gain.

What was your diet like? Did you follow the P90X nutrition guide?

When i received P90X in the mail I was excited to follow everything 100 percent! However, after reading through their nutrition plan, making a grocery list of what I needed to follow it perfectly, and attempting to cook each meal I knew this was not going to be the diet plan that worked for me and MY lifestyle, so I decided to make things as SIMPLE as possible for myself...

*DAY ONE & TWO of my diet I do ALL Protein to give my system a shock and also ween it off of the CARB CRAVINGS!:

10oz-15oz of protein a day


POULTRY (chicken, turkey, cornish hen... No skin... white meat only)

FISH (Flounder, haddock, halibut, trout, tuna)

SHELLFISH (Crab, lobster, scallops, shrimp)

CHEESE (Non-fat or 1% cottage cheese, fat-free cheese, or cheese with 1 gm or less of fat per oz)

OTHER (hard-boiled egg, egg whites, tufu, hot dogs, processed meats)

Of that....

*MAXIMUM of 4 servings from the LEAN PROTEIN list, the rest should come from the VERY LEAN PROTEIN LIST!*


BEEF (Sirloin, flank steak, tenderloin, roast, T-bone, porterhouse)

PORK (Lean pork ham, canadian bacon)

LAMB (Roast, Chop, Leg)

VEAL (Lean chop, Roast)

FISH (Herring, Salmon, Catfish, Oysters)

CHEESE (4% cottage cheese, grated parmesan, cheese 3 gm of fat per oz)

OTHER (Turkey bacon)

DAY THREE I add in low glycemic carbs:

Same protein intake (10oz-15oz) *if you eat this and still feel starving, add in extra VERY lean protein options*

2-4 servings of Vegetables:

Some of my favorite options:

Asparagus, broccoli, green beans, edamame, mushrooms, onions, peppers (green, red, sweet, or hot) spinach, eggplant, and cucumber.

2 servings of Fruit:

My favs include:

Apples, blueberries (1/4 cup), grapes(12 per serving), grapefruit (1/2), oranges, peaches, raspberries (6 per serving), and strawberries (6 per serving)

NOTE: No starchy veggies such as Beets, bread, carrots, corn, pasta, potatoes, rice, lima beans, yams or winter squash are to be consumed while following this diet until you have reached your goal weight... Then you can slowly add them back into your diet.

FREE SELECTIONS: *Have as much as you want!*

salt, pepper, seasonings, dry BBQ sauce, fat-free broth, white and red wine vinegar, tabasco, lemon and lime juice, mustard, ketchup, cocktail sauce, miracle whip(fat free), artificial sweeteners, lettuce, dill pickles, and a snack of 1/2 a cup of diet jello :)


Calorie free flavored waters, decaf diet soda, decaf coffee and tea, regular coffee(limit), crystal light, and diet drink. NO MILK OR CREAMERS.

Salad Dressings: 2 tbsp low fat or fat free dressings with no more than 30 calories per tbsp.

I drank as much water as I could to aid in digestion! A GALLON a DAY :)

*Highly caffeinated drinks such as energy drinks, and alcohol should NOT be consumed while following this plan.

What type of nutritional supplements did you take?

I only took a daily multivitamin... No protein shakes, recovery drinks, etc... Though I really want to try P90X's recovery drink! I've heard great things!

How did you manage to fit P90X into your schedule and stay motivated?

Teaching motivation is a tough one, cause really it comes from within. I can try and inspire by way of doing it myself, to prove that it is possible, but it is tough for me to try and motivate someone to do anything they don't REALLY want to do!

I, personally, was bound and determined to get my pre-baby bod back and end up in the BEST shape of my life before I reached my 25th birthday. One of the key things I did to keep my focus and determination in tact was posting my videos (before, during and after pics) on! It was YOUR comments that motivated me on the days I didn't feel up to working out to just PRESS PLAY and GET IT OVER WITH!!! lol.

Another important thing I believe every P90Xer should do is to TAKE before measurements and pics including: Chest, waist, hips, arms, thighs, calves, weight, and body fat. It may be hard to look at now... But be honest with where you are at and determined as to where you are going to be... VERY SOON!

Other tips I can offer that helped me was to talk about your journey openly with others. It commits you and makes you accountable to get the job done!... and who knows, maybe you'll score a workout buddy or two!

I talked about it so much and had so many people buy the program with my recommendation that I decided to become a coach and have them sign up underneath me! (now every time I inspire someone to start the program and buy it through me I get 30% of the costs as my referral fee!) if you feel like you are inspiring people with your success, sign up as a coach and earn money while doing so! You can sign up to be a coach through my site, and I will be your coaching coach! lol.

There are soooooo many ways to keep motivated, it is your job to discover which works for you and your lifestyle!

Sometimes the hardest part is letting go of the preconceived notions of who you are (who you have been in the past) and deciding to change and be the best you can be. CHANGE scares people... and positive change, but change can also be the thing that sets you free!

I wish you all the best in your journey and hope that once you have achieved your goals that you will pay it forward, share your journey and inspire others to find their own greatness! I have faith that you can do it! Now GO PRESS PLAY!