Wednesday, April 28, 2010

As Your Mother I Promise...

As your mother I promise:

To slow down and be present, because I know that you will grow up faster than I can imagine, and I can't imagine missing a thing!

That you will grow up in a loving home where daddy and mommy assure you and each other of the love that we feel.

That you will always have your family to fall back on in times of hardship, not to cure your troubles, but console you until you learn the lesson you are there to learn.

As your mother I promise:

That I will raise you to be a caring human being.You will blessed in life and it is our mission to give back as much as we receive.

That I will never make my mistakes your life conditions. Mommy isn't perfect, but you will never have to live in the midst of my mess-ups.

That I will be there as your cheerleader through every triumph in your life! If not in presence, in heart.

As your mother I promise:

To make it my mission to let you will know how much you are loved.

To love your daddy with all my heart and tell him 'I love you' as often as I tell you, because I know that we are your first example of what love is and I want to set a beautiful one!

To color with you, dance with you, play dolls with you, lay with you, learn with you, and experience life all over again through your eyes.

As your mother I promise:

That I will try to follow through and be your friend, but more than anything I will be your mother and I will raise you be a better version of what I aspire to be, not in pushing my dreams on you, but pushing you to pursue your dreams.

To remember that you are your own unique person and not a mini me!

To show you by example, how to be a good friend.

As your mother I promise:

To make good on my word.

To be open-minded and open-hearted.

To let go of my serious side when you want to laugh, and not to laugh when you are being serious.

As your mother I promise you London, I will love you unconditionally and be an active voice of inspiration and encouragement throughout your life.



Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Walk with me.

So honored to have known you, so blessed to be your blood, so thankful for the signs you give, remind me that I'm loved.

My faith is in your presence, my path is in your heart, my journey is a safe one for we'll never be apart.

I speak your name often, of the plans that we have made, I know although your bodies gone your soul will never fade.

I look back on your pictures, recall your human face, I cry out of selfishness, you were too great for this place.

Life threw me a curve ball, I wasn't prepared to lose, accepting that you were taken, it wasn't my turn to choose.

I hope that I can live on, take your spirit for a ride, achieve the dreams we planned out, fill you up with pride.

I'm so honored to have known you, so blessed to be your friend, so lucky to have an angel to walk with till the end.

      Love you Dave. 

: LA's : Smoke & Mirrors

LA : Los Angeles, CA

I can't help but feel bitter towards the city full of lights. The town of much potential, shopping days and clubbing nights. Where the car you drive and the watch you wear define your worth and place, the only way that you fit in is with a pretty face. Everyone is someone, they know a star or two... SO eager to inform you what they could DO for YOU! Writers, actors, producers, mogals, playmates, models too... Detered from reality into this game of knowing the who's who. It's ashame, the disconnect, they live with no purpose at all... A million dollars of emptiness built into mansion walls. Lies are filled in bottles of expensive pink champagne, fed to rail thin, lifeless girls searching for wealth and fame. I can't help but feel cheapened as I walk the same paths where gluttons and shameless men tread, I'd rather live on the streets of nothingness than in the mansions that house the dead. Was money and greed that made them this way or is this who they really are? How does one find his inner joy behind the hood of a car? asphyxiated for 6 long days, my lungs gasp for one solid breath, enduring even one more hour of smoke and mirrors would most certainly have choked me to death.