Tuesday, April 27, 2010

: LA's : Smoke & Mirrors

LA : Los Angeles, CA

I can't help but feel bitter towards the city full of lights. The town of much potential, shopping days and clubbing nights. Where the car you drive and the watch you wear define your worth and place, the only way that you fit in is with a pretty face. Everyone is someone, they know a star or two... SO eager to inform you what they could DO for YOU! Writers, actors, producers, mogals, playmates, models too... Detered from reality into this game of knowing the who's who. It's ashame, the disconnect, they live with no purpose at all... A million dollars of emptiness built into mansion walls. Lies are filled in bottles of expensive pink champagne, fed to rail thin, lifeless girls searching for wealth and fame. I can't help but feel cheapened as I walk the same paths where gluttons and shameless men tread, I'd rather live on the streets of nothingness than in the mansions that house the dead. Was money and greed that made them this way or is this who they really are? How does one find his inner joy behind the hood of a car? asphyxiated for 6 long days, my lungs gasp for one solid breath, enduring even one more hour of smoke and mirrors would most certainly have choked me to death.

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